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Information on illegal narcotic substances Μεγέθυνση κειμένου Σμίκρυνση κειμένου Print E-mail
Citizens can contact the Attica and Thessaloniki Narcotics Squads and Police HQ from the rest of Greece directly regarding drug-related incidents by dialing 109, 24 hours a day.
 Combating the spread of illegal narcotics is a primary, immediate and long-standing priority of both the Ministry of Public Order and the Hellenic Police. As part of the National Action Plan, the Hellenic Police has prepared, and is currently implementing, a five-year operational plan against drugs, which is the main tool for the fight against this scourge.
 Drug Laws
 The law draws no distinction between `soft` and `hard` narcotics. This means that if someone is arrested on drug-related offences, he/she will be subjected to the same treatment regardless of the type of illegal narcotic (hashish, heroin etc.) involved.
 Occasional and recreational users are not released from the liability for their acts. Even in case of possession of a small quantity of illegal narcotics, criminal charges will be pressed.
 There is no strict limit on what is considered a small quantity. It is up to the judiciary to decide to what extent the quantity is small and whether it was intended for the user`s needs only.
 Useful sites
 Information on support to individuals with drug problems can be found on the following websites:
 OKANA: Drug Prevention Organization